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County Attorney-Stephen Swanson



                                                                                   Stephen Swanson

My family moved to Boone County 4 Generations ago and has lived there ever since. I grew up spending my weekends with family in Boone, Boxholm, Fraser, Ogden and Pilot Mound. I currently count myself proud to have friends and family in all of those places in addition to Madrid and all over the Boone County. I graduated from Iowa State with a double degree in finance and marketing before going to Drake University Law School and Completing my J.D. My background helps me to understand the budgetary constraints and nuances involved in a rural county setting having 10 years of experience working in smaller counties in Iowa. I believe that everyone should be listened to, regardless of where you are from or your socioeconomic status and will fight for all of Boone. On November 6, 2018, help me make Boone the best place to live in all of Iowa. Vote Swanson for County Attorney.