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Todd Rasmussen

State Senate District 24 Candidate

I’m Todd Rasmussen.  I’m the Co-Chair of the Boone County GOP Central Committee.  I have been involved in the Republican Party for all my life and of recent, I have done volunteer work on the Campaigns to Elect and Re-Elect President Trump and to Elect Phil Thompson to the State House.  I’m a small business owner and I have been in construction for over 35 years.  I was born and raised in South-West Iowa and later moved to Boone with my wife where we call home.  We have two children with our second born, Todd, who we’re homeschooling.  I am 100% Pro-Life, School Choice, I believe Americans have the right to keep and bear arms and I am for small government that will keep taxes low.  In Des Moines as your State Senator, I will lead and stand firm on my strong Conservative-Christian beliefs. So you can say, “I will NEVER go along, to get along, to move along.”  I’m asking for your support to secure a better future for our rural communities.  Please vote for me, Todd Rasmussen, on June 2nd or by absentee/early vote starting today! 


Phone: 515-298-2133