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Bill Zinnel

Boone County Supervisor Candidate

Zinnel to run again for County Supervisor

I grew up on a farm in northwest Iowa and farmed for a short time while attending Iowa State University in Agricultural Business.  My first employment after college was a banking job in Pella, Iowa.  In 1983 I moved to Boone to work at what was Citizens Bank.  Since that time I have been employed at several banks all in Boone.   My last bank employment was at Boone Bank & Trust Co for 20 years where I served as Senior Vice President.  Last year I retired from the Bank and have dedicated my time fully to the job of Boone County Supervisor.  My banking and farm experience have helped me in doing the business of the county.

Aside from working at the bank, I have also been involved in several organizations in the community.  I have been a Boone Noon Kiwanis member for 29 years where I have held several offices.  I have also served on the Boone County Endowment Board, the Boone County Compensation committee, the Boone County Condemnation Board, the Boone County Chamber of Commerce Board, the Boone County Fair Board and the Boone County Hospital Foundation Board.  I am a long time member and past Director of the Sacred Heart Church.  I’ve always felt it is important to give back to the community.

I’d like to help make Boone County the best it can be while still being responsible for the tax payer’s money.    I have found the supervisor’s job to be interesting and diverse.  I have worked with issues on the county drainage system, roads and bridges, a new communication system for the police and fire departments, the landfill, human resources, economic development, and am also involved on Boards for public transportation, juvenile detention, Iowa workforce development, planning & zoning, and Impact.       

I am familiar with many of the current issues in Boone County and look forward to working with all the county employees to serve the community.