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    BCRP BY-LAWS     ARTICLE I   OFFICERS AND DUTIES   Sec. 1. The officers of the Boone County Central Committee (“Central Committee”) shall serve at the pleasure of the Central Committee and shall discharge the duties described below: a.  The chair shall preside at the meetings of the Central Committee and serve …


CONSTITUTION OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY OF BOONE COUNTY   I.   The name of the organization shall be “The Republican Party of Boone County”.   II.   PURPOSE   The purpose of the organization shall be to conduct, under one central organization, the activities of the Republican Party of Boone County and to aid in …


  2016 Boone County Republican Party Platform Adopted at the Boone County Republican Convention March 12, 2016 PREAMBLE    The Republican Party of Iowa is comprised of many individuals who have differing opinions on some issues.  As citizens of the United States of America and members of the Republican Party, we share many common beliefs …

Executive Committee

Gary Nystrom, Chair 1702 SE Linn St. Boone, IA (515) 432-6738 chair@boonecountygop.org   Kay Rice, Co-Chair 749 X Ave Ames, IA cochair@boonecountygop.org   Ellen Nystrom, Treasurer 1828 Aldrich Ave Boone, IA (515) 290-8805   Maribeth Waldman, Secretary 1702 Kate Shelley Drive Boone, IA    

Republican National Committee

Republican Party of Iowa

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