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The name of the organization shall be “The Republican Party of Boone County”.






The purpose of the organization shall be to conduct, under one central organization, the activities of the Republican Party of Boone County and to aid in every way the establishment of fundamentals of Republican principles and policies on a voluntary basis and to cooperate and assist in the conduct of national, state and local elections in support of the Republican ticket.






The membership of the Party shall be composed of all eligible voters of Boone County who desire to support the objectives of the Republican Party. Membership shall be available to all said eligible voters of Boone County without regard to race, creed, religion or sex.


Nothing in this constitution shall be construed to abridge or deny the right of any voter to participate in any caucus, primary election or convention wherein the voter is entitled by law to participate.


It shall be the duty of the County Central Committee to enroll all members of the Party within Boone County in so far as it is practicable to do so. Opportunity for enrollment shall be open at all times to eligible electors.






The County Central Committee shall be composed of two persons from each voting precinct, as specified in the Code of Iowa, elected at precinct caucuses or otherwise provided by law.


Membership of the County Central Committee may be increased by the following formula. After the General Election has taken place, use the smallest precinct count for the Republican Candidate and divide by 2, use that number proportionate in the respective precincts per addition. Unless after a census year and the data is not available because of redistricting, you may use the Republican voter registration numbers in a proportionate manner.


The Boone County Central Committee shall have such officers and administrative personnel as it may determine and shall organize its operation to attain the objectives of the Republican Party, and shall have power to adopt bylaws to carry out its dues and the purposes of the constitution, provided such bylaws are not in conflict with the provisions of this Constitution of the Republican Party of Iowa or the laws of the State of Iowa.


The term of office of a member of the County Central Committee shall begin on the day of the precinct caucuses and continue until the next precinct caucus and until his or her successor is elected and qualified.


A member may be removed by the County Central Committee for failure to support the ticket nominated by the Party, for inattention to duty, failure to attend 75% of the regularly called meetings and/or for failure to assume and carry out the responsibilities of a committee member.


Vacancies on the County Central Committee shall be filled by the County Central Committee.


All former chairpersons and secretaries will continue as ex-officio non-voting members of the Central Committee, so long as they express a desire to do so by their attendance and support of the party.






The officers of this Central Committee shall be a chair, co-chair, secretary and treasurer and such other members as the County Central Committee in its bylaws may provide. The County Central Committee shall organize following each general election, but no later than April 1 of the odd numbered year. The chair and co-chair shall be empowered to name such other officers, as is determined necessary to carry out the aims or purposes of the organization subject to the approval of the County Central Committee. Each member of the County Central committee shall be given written notice at least five days in advance of the time and place of any meeting scheduled for the elections of officers. The term of office of an officer begins upon his or her election and continues until the organizational meeting two years later and until the officers successor is elected and qualified, unless an officer dies, resigns, or is sooner removed by the Central Committee for cause.






The Chair or co-chair or thirty percent (30%) of the duly elected and serving members of the County Central Committee may call a meeting of said Committee and there shall be no less than two (2) meetings per year.






The Boone County Central Committee may recognize officer auxiliaries’ authorized by the Republican Party of Iowa.


The activities of such organizations shall be coordinated with authorized party activities and shall be subject to the direction of the regularly constituted Party authorities.


Each auxiliary shall elect its own officers.


The chairperson of each recognized party auxiliary shall be an advisory member of the County Central Committee, but shall have no vote in official business transacted by the committee.






The members of the executive committee are the chair, co-chair, secretary and treasurer and such other persons as provided by the bylaws.


The executive committee shall transact the routine business of the Central Committee and may act in the name of the Central committee between the meetings of the Central Committee.






The Republican Party of Boone County shall conduct regular precinct caucuses and County Conventions as provided by the Republican State Central Committee. The number of delegates elected from each precinct caucuses shall be designated in the call of the County Convention. Said number shall be based on the Republican vote for Governor or President in the previous election as provided by state law and specified in the state Call to Convention.


Notice of the date, time and place of the precinct caucuses shall be given twice by publication in a newspaper of general circulation within the precinct. First notice shall be published not more than fifteen days nor less than seven days before the date of the caucus and the second shall be made not more than seven days before and no later than the date of the caucus.


Any person voting at the precinct caucus must be a registered Republican in that precinct (or a person who will by the date of the next general election, become eighteen years of age and indicates an affiliation with the Republican Party), and a resident of the precinct. A person may register to vote or change party affiliation at the caucus.





Voting by proxy will not be permitted at any precinct caucus or county convention provided for in this Constitution.


At County Conventions, the delegations from each precinct shall vote the full strength of the precinct delegation in proportion to the vote of the delegates present.






This Constitution may be amended by any regularly or specially called County Convention. Notice of the intention to amend shall be included in the call at the request of the chair, co-chair or thirty percent (30%) of the duly elected and serving members of the County Central Committee. Such amendment shall be adopted by a majority vote of delegates of such convention.






No provisions hereof shall supersede or abrogate any of the provisions of the statutes of the State of Iowa, the Constitution of the Republican Party of Iowa and the rules of the Republican National Convention, which are in conflict herewith.






This constitution was adopted at a meeting of the Boone County Central Committee on March 20, 1991, at Boone Iowa and was filed with the county and state commissioners of election of the 8th day of April 1991.





Section IV, paragraph 2 was added to this constitution by a vote of the membership at the County Convention in January 2002, replacing the original paragraph 2 and 3.