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Boone County Recorder, Erin Canfield

Erin Canfield is the Boone County Recorder. Canfield previously worked in the Recorder’s office. She was hired in October of 2018 by Veronica Nystrom. In April of 2021 she applied for a lateral transfer to the Treasurer’s Office where she worked as a clerk.

During her two and a half years in the Recorder’s office she quickly learned how multi-faceted the job is. The responsibilities of the Recorder include preservation and filing of real estate documents, maintaining and producing vital records, and issuing titles and registrations for off-road vehicles and boats and issuing hunting and fishing licenses. Each task is unique and no two days are the same in the office, so having a good team with a wide range of abilities is essential to a well functioning office.

While her experience working in the Recorder’s office was truly a learning and character building experience, she has gained valuable skills and knowledge outside the Courthouse as well. Canfield formerly worked as a legal assistant with attorneys who practiced family, probate, criminal, civil, real estate and intellectual property law. Her experience doesn’t begin and end in a single office, she’s also worked in public facing jobs, including Casey’s, Iowa Fireworks Company and she recently started a new small business with her daughter, the ChocolatExpress.

When Erin chose to call Boone home in early 2015 she quickly became involved with the community. She volunteered to help Admin local social media pages, coached youth sports and in January of 2019 when the former Board of Directors for the Boone County Historical Society abruptly resigned, Canfield quickly stood up and helped form an interim Board. While on the Board she spent countless hours reassembling the membership list, deciphering financial records and directing where funds were needed, fundraising and many other tasks that had long been neglected.

When she is not working in the Courthouse or on her own businesses Erin enjoys spending time with her family, especially when they are participating in sports and other activities, traveling, reading and cooking. She says “I am confident I can not only perform the requirements of the position but also bring some much needed change. I want to improve the office atmosphere and the camaraderie with all departments, prioritize the digitization of not only the land related records, but all the records in the office and improve upon the processes in the daily functions of the office. I am asking for your support and your vote on November 8th.”

You can contact Erin on her Facebook page “Canfield for Boone County Recorder”, via E-mail at or via phone at (515) 419-2090.