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Boone County Auditor, Diane Patrick

Boone County Auditor

Diane Patrick is the current Deputy Auditor for Boone County. She was hired to run elections and soon after, took charge of the accounts payable functions in the office. After a little more than a year, she was promoted to Deputy and took over as office manager. At the encouragement of the retiring Auditor, co-workers, and other colleagues, Diane decided to run for Auditor in the 2020 election.

Diane has experience in many different fields and has been a small business owner. While cutting her professional work to part-time during the years her daughters were growing up, Diane used much of her time volunteering for various community and church organizations. Her roles in these organizations let her develop her leadership and bookkeeping skills. Diane says, “I’m very excited to have the opportunity to run for County Auditor. I believe that the experience that I have will be excellent to build on, while the fact that I have been in the office a relatively short time will help me to move forward with a fresh perspective. We currently have a great team in the office and will be able to provide continuity while making progress. I have developed many relationships within the courthouse and with those from Auditors’ offices in other counties that will help as I step into the role of Auditor.”

Diane is married to Dave Patrick. Dave’s career with Fareway brought them to Boone where they made their home and raised their family. They have two daughters, Rileigh and Kayley. Both daughters are married and Dave and Di have been blessed with three grandchildren in the last 2 years.


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