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How To Become a Central Committee Member

Are you thinking of becoming a Central Committee member?

Becoming a Central Committee member is a great opportunity to represent your precinct and is an essential link with local voters.

  • Central Committee Members are nominated and elected by their local precinct members attending the Boone County Republican caucus.

  • The local precinct chairs will have the number of vacancies available for their precincts at the caucus.

  • Committee members must live in the precinct that they represent.

  • The term for central committee members is two years.

  • The Boone County Republican caucus is held every other year and notification of the date, time, and location is made on the Boone County Republican website and in the local newspapers.

Key responsibilities of a central committee member are:

  1. Be a voting member of the Boone County Republican Central Committee and help determine the future of the local party.

  1. Help organize and participate in committee events to raise money to support Republican candidates.

  1. Assist local, state, and national Republican candidates nominated by the local, state, and/or national party to get elected.

  1. Raise awareness of the local party and Republican candidates at various events throughout the calendar year.

  1. Assist in registering Republican voters in the precinct.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a central committee member. Your precinct chair at the caucus can answer additional questions and provide more information.