The Century Club

The Boone County Republicans operate on donations from individuals to Educate the county on political issues, Energize the local party, and Elect Republican candidates. This does not happen automatically. It takes a strong Get-Out-The-Vote effort backed by committed volunteers and a successful funding effort.


That’s why we are asking Boone County Republicans to join the Century Club. A donation of $100 or more will help us build the infrastructure needed to achieve our victory.


As a member of the Century Club, you’ll receive priority time with elected officials and candidates at local Republican events, priority seating at these events, and other VIP perks.


Want more information? Contact the County Chair or Co-Chair:

Gary Nystrom, Chair, at

Kay Rice, Co-Chair, at


Contribute Online or by check.


Checks can be sent to Boone County Republicans at the following address:

Boone County Republicans

1828 Aldrich Avenue

Boone, IA 50036